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3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template

3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template



This free 3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template is a free single slide template that you can download to use the triangle diagram in your own PowerPoint presentations on strategy using the 3C’s model.

What is the 3C’s model?

The 3C’s Model is a business model that you can find in business books but also commented in Business Schools or MBA programs which offers a strategic look at the factors needed for success. It is coined to Kenichi Ohmae and you can use this 3C model to focus on the three key factors for success: Competitors, Corporation (or Company) and Customer.

Free 3C's Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template

The 3Cs model is used while defining the business strategy but also when you elaborate a business plan so this template can be very useful if you are supporting your business plans or strategy with a PowerPoint presentation or even to model a simple graph with nodes using PowerPoint. The three main players must be taken into account:

  • The Customer
  • The Competitors
  • The Corporation (or company)

Only by integrating these three, a sustained competitive advantage can exist. These are the three C’s that composes the strategic triangle. Even more, there are other variants of this model that combine other different concepts for example the Future of an organization, The organization itself and the business ecosystem to increase the brand awareness. This also involves to consider strategic options, scenarios and co-evolution.

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You can download free 3C model triangle with a triangle diagram for PowerPoint to make awesome PowerPoint presentations on strategy and business slides. This free PPT template is compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 but also with backward compatibility for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 (you can install the compatibility pack if needed).


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