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Free PowerPoint PowerPoint Templates

Download free PowerPoint templates and diagram designs for presentations.

3D Three Steps Perception Process PowerPoint Template

Free 3D Three Steps PowerPoint template with Perception Process is a free template for PowerPoint presentations with a 3D process flow diagram including arrows and legend with text boxes where you can edit or describe the process steps. Each slide design can be used to model a complex process and describe the steps using Microsoft […]

3D Reverse Pyramid Four Blocks for PowerPoint Template

Free Reverse 3D Pyramid template and diagram is an awesome and creative slide design with a 3D pyramid design presented in reverse mode. This is very similar to the 3D Pyramid template that you can download for PowerPoint presentations but with the top of the pyramid pointing to the bottom of the slide. The pyramid base […]

Creative Bar Chart PowerPoint Template

Creative Bar Chart PowerPoint Template is an awesome PowerPoint presentation design that you can download to prepare infographics using PowerPoint as well as complex business presentations with awesome slide designs to help visualize data. The slide template contains different slide layouts with PowerPoint charts created with shapes instead of the classic PowerPoint chart object. Alternatively you […]

US Map PowerPoint Template

Free US Map PowerPoint template is a free map for PowerPoint that you can download if you need to prepare awesome presentations with US Map design in the PowerPoint slide. The free US map template for PowerPoint comes with different slide designs for presentations. Here is an example of blue US map outline with pins […]

Business Man in a Hurry PowerPoint Template

Free hurry business man template for PowerPoint presentations is a free template with many different slide designs ready to make your presentations on time management as well as other presentation decks where time is the main topic. This template is great for busy managers and people who need to make presentations on-time, time management PowerPoint […]

Free Basic PowerPoint Template

Free basic PowerPoint template is a general purpose presentation template that you can use in Microsoft PowerPoint with unique slide designs. This free basic PowerPoint template contains a gray background and a professional style. You can download the basic template for PowerPoint to prepare awesome Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This template is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint […]

Four Options Diagram for PowerPoint

Free Four Options Diagram for PowerPoint is a simple slide diagram created in Microsoft PowerPoint that you can download and use in your own presentations as an alternative to 4 steps bullet list or bullet point. This free four option diagram for PowerPoint presentations contains a single slide design with editable four steps diagram that […]

Three Options Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Free Three Options Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations is a free presentation example that you can download if you need original and colorful diagrams to be used as an alternative to bullet points. In this case, the three options diagram for PowerPoint let you represent any information that can be grouped with three options. For example, […]

Eco Environment PowerPoint Template

Download free Eco Environment PowerPoint template as a professional PowerPoint presentation template that you can use for presentations on sustainability topics and environment in general. Free Eco PowerPoint template contains unique slide designs ready for sustainable projects. You can use this green eco template for PowerPoint to make awesome green company presentations, prepare reports about […]

Dark Professional PowerPoint Template for Business

Professional dark PowerPoint template is a free professional PPT presentation template that you can download to make your presentations with unique styles and color. The free professional PowerPoint template comes with a dark background style and metal texture and awesome graphics and cliparts that you can use in your slides. Inside this professional PPT template […]

Converging Arrows PowerPoint Template

Sometimes it is good to show multiple arrows converting into a single arrow. This can be part of a funnel channel analysis but also to represent other complex visualizations. Here we have created a simple template in PowerPoint that allows you to show a converging arrow  in your presentations created with shapes. You can download free […]

Lean Startup Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations

Lean Startup Diagram for PowerPoint is a free PowerPoint template containing unique slide designs with the Lean Startup process illustrated in a cycle diagram for PowerPoint presentations. We have created this Lean Startup process diagram for PowerPoint presentations given that nowadays the Lean Startup methodology is being used around the world. Inside this free Lean […]