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Free Competitors PowerPoint Templates

Download free Competitors PowerPoint template and slide designs for presentations on competitors and competitor analysis. You can download free business analysis PowerPoint templates including five forces business consulting model for PowerPoint, SWOT templates as well as other free competitor diagrams to use in your business presentations.

Competitor analysis in strategic management and marketing is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors and there are many tools that can be used for this purpose including the SWOT tool or Porter Five Forces Analysis. You can make slide designs showing offensive and defensive strategic concepts to identify opportunities and threats or make awesome slides with strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustment. Alternatively you can download awesome professional SWOT diagrams for PowerPoint from Slide Model.

3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template

This free 3C’s Strategic Triangle PowerPoint Template is a free single slide template that you can download to use the triangle diagram in your own PowerPoint presentations on strategy using the 3C’s model. What is the 3C’s model? The 3C’s Model is a business model that you can find in business books but also commented […]

Core Competence PowerPoint Template

Free Core Competence PowerPoint Template is a free slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can download to make business presentations using unique illustrations. You can free download business PowerPoint templates like this core competence PowerPoint slide design to make PowerPoint presentations on business analysis topics and competitor analysis. For example, you can download this […]

Red Leadership PowerPoint Template 16:9

You can download this free leadership PowerPoint template for widescreen presentations as a free PPT template for business. This free global leadership for presentations is a great slide template that you can download for professional corporate and business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. free Leadership PPT template contains a gray background slide with business men silhouettes […]

Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint Template

Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint Template is a free Michael Porter’s 5 Forces template that you can download for your business presentations and make an analysis about the competitiveness of your business or industry as well to be used for PowerPoint presentations on marketing, business and supply chain management or download other free PowerPoint templates. You […]