A picture is worth a thousand words and if you want to share your photos, then Pixt is the best platform for you. The founders of this web service began the project as a start up and came up with the idea for Pixt while drinking beer in 2010 at The Gestalt House in Fairfax. This website is driven by the goal of doing something collaborative and unique via the web. Using Pixt you can organize and share photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr And Picasa.


Using Pixt To Share Digital Content

The Pixt community strongly believes in discovering new things and getting in touch with people through shared content. You can browse and share photos via Pixt.

  • In order to create a Pixt wall, you need to sign in or sign up. After this, click on Make a New Wall and set your sharing preferences for a new wall. When creating a wall, it would be recommended to bind to the site guidelines and make a fun description as well. You may also add YouTube videos, images via mail and a background.
  • Editing your Tiles and Pixt Wall can be done very easily. By clicking on Add a Filter link; you will be able to open the editing suite that enables you to add saturation, contrast, frames, different filters and rotating the image. If you don’t want a particular title on your wall, you may delete it by pressing delete.
  • Now, when it comes to managing the wall, you can change the display option of the wall such as: permissions, display arrangement, wall animation and content reloads. Further on, the window shows you the basic information about wall and shows you the services you are connected with.

The best thing about Pixt site is everything you see is click able and quite easy as well. There is a search bar to look for a category and people. Viewers can see the featured Pixt walls and can share videos and photos which can be arranged and dragged easily.

Share Content From Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Picasa And Flickr

Most head scratching and amazing capability of Pixt is that it allows you pull all your subject matter from all your services into one place. Pixt supports Google plus, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr for importing digital content.

Import Photos From Facebook, YouTube, Flickr And Picasa

Certainly, Pixt has built something that has not existed before and so it is the perfect place for you to share content. It is worth mentioning here that Pixt also has apps for Android and iOS devices.

Go to Pixt.com [Update 2020: this site is no longer available]