Ideas are seamless and so should be their expression, this is the basic thought behind Microsoft’s new web based content publication cum presentation creation application, Office Sway. With Sway Office you can create visually striking presentations, newsletters and documentation in minutes.

Just when everyone thought Microsoft is out of the game, it has bounced back with an amazing application that has proven its mettle. Sway is designed to allow ideas to transpire freely. For some it is a tool to publish content on the web in an easy and efficient manner, while the core idea lies in the fact that it is much more than just a content creation and publication platform.

Office Sway presentation web app

What is Sway Office?

As the tagline reads, ‘Reimagine the way your ideas come to life’. Sway does just that! It comes with a powerful and efficient built in graphic engine that edits and formats content for multiplatform usability. Content can easily be added from anywhere, be it your One Drive, social Media accounts or a file on your physical storage. The formatter seamlessly edits it to enhance cross platform usability.


Sway is a way of expression in the form of powerful ready to share presentations or web based pages that takes presentations to the next level.

How Sway Office works?

Sway is a superb platform to create powerful and beautifully crafted presentations. Adding content is as easy as drag and drop. It boasts of effortless design which is quite the thing when it comes to creating presentations that will impress the audience and leave them spellbound.

The users can easily create and edit a Sway using a number of built in layout choices and make sure that the Sway they create is what they wanted to create in the first place.

The best part of Sway Office

Since Microsoft has been infamous for their recent not so cross platform friendly apps, they decided to impress by offering the platform for all the major operating systems that are available at present. Sway is available for iPhone and can be used via a browser and Microsoft account using an Internet browser via any mobile device or computer.


There would be more updates rolling out to make Sway better but for now it is one easy way to draft and create presentations and content in a professional and beautifully seamless way