Isometric illustrations can help demonstrate images using parallel lines across three dimensions. This gives a lot of depth to drawings, which can help more specifically elaborate upon various elements of diagrams and models. Moreover, if incorporated in presentation slides, isometric images can give a wow factor to your content and make it shine.

Presenter Media Brings Isometric Presentation Templates & Clipart

Available for PowerPoint and Keynote, the Isometric Presentation Templates and clipart images by Presenter Media are a dream come true for professional presenters. The ever increasing archive of this third-party developer has begun rolling out isometric templates for PowerPoint and Keynote, with animations and static clipart graphics that you can now download.


Isometric clipart and templates

Isometric Real Estate PowerPoint Template

This is one of many isometric templates by Presenter Media which provide animated slides with removable and movable slide objects. You can use drag and drop to customize existing layouts and enjoy creating animated slides by doing something as little as adding text to the given text-boxes. Whether you choose to overhaul the sample slide designs or use the template in its original form is up to you.

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Isometric PowerPoint template


Isometric School PowerPoint Template

This school themed isometric presentation template provides school related illustrations in its slides. The template contains everything from school, classroom, teacher, student, school bus and a range of other images that can help you touch upon education themed topics in your presentations.

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Isometrics school and education template for PowerPoint

Church Isometric Clipart

The below image shows one of the isometric clipart images downloaded from Presenter Media. This church clipart is available in PNG and JPG formats, with customization options for changing the TINT, brightness, shadow and other aspects of the clipart.


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Isometric church clipart

Airport Isometric Clipart

This airport isometric clipart is a good example of how you can add depth to your slides with the aid of three dimensional clipart images. You can further add text-boxes and mix up different isometric images to create slide layouts that can help demonstrate your ideas with some added visual appeal.

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Isometric airport clipart image

Bus Isometric Clipart

This bus isometric clipart is another example of the many isometric clipart images that you can browse through to fulfill your presentation needs. See the below link to download this clipart and use the search box to find templates, video backgrounds and clipart.

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Isometric coach clipart