In today’s high tech savvy world, you can easily share visually interactive slides to your perspective viewers without any trouble with the help of a popular user friendly Presentation program, MS PowerPoint. It is mainly used by trainers, students, teachers and businesses to create impressive Presentations. The software actually offers optional features and colorful designs that can make your Presentation look professional and creative.

How To Record A Webinar Using MS PowerPoint

As you might know, a Webinar is mainly a conference held via the internet that involves an audio and video recording. It hardly matters, where the employee is situated, as he/she can easily learn about the latest information the organization is delivering. Even, if any worker misses the meeting you can record the Webinar for future use.

Now, let’s caste a glance at an overview of how to record a Webinar using MS PowerPoint:

  • The customary office fluent user interface comes standard with the basic editing tools that will assist you with several creative elements, animations and designs.
  • Even, if you want a thematic look to your Presentation, the document themes boasts great loaded designs so that you don’t have to alter the details. Diverse styles available for you that will form bullet styles, consistent background, designed charts, font and color.
  • With the help of Microsoft Presentation software program, it’s quite simple to integrate both spreadsheets and text from Microsoft Excel into a slide. Thus, you can easily store all your important materials in just one single file.

Now, coming to the ways to record Webinars, there are some significant points here as under:

  • To record your Webinar effectively, check the website of Webinar service and review the extensive list of applications. Instead of using Windows Media Player, you may download other types of media players.
  • You may simply document or record the audio portion of Webinar if you don’t have features like installing a sound card on your computer system. However, before you commence with the recording, open the organize control panel, choose tools and then start with the recording process.
  • It’s time for you to select the settings such as: audio recording format, where to save audio and record audio. After this, click record to commence with the recording. Then again click Stop and end Webinar. The document will be saved where you wished.
  • To record your Webinar by showing the proceedings of your desktop, with voice over, you can use the following tools: Lectora, Presentation TubeVoiceThread and Yugma.

Henceforth, it can be rightly said that with the advancement in technology one can take huge advantage of this digital world. Therefore, use Microsoft PowerPoint and Webinar Recording in your professional life to make things easier and simpler.