Adobe Illustrator is a great software package from Adobe that we can use to make vectorized graphics. If you need to open .ai in PowerPoint 2010 then here we will explain how how to export your .ai files.

First, you need to convert your .ai file to any format supported by PowerPoint. If we use a vector file format as output then we can take advantage of the vector format also in PowerPoint.

One of the vector formats supported by PowerPoint is .emf (which stands for Enhanced Metafile). You can export the illustration file to .emf and then import the file in PowerPoint.

Finally, to open the graphic in PowerPoint you will need to insert a picture in PowerPoint 2010.

In this example above we have used the lorem ipsum generator that is built-in PowerPoint 2010. If you need to download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint you can get tons of free from this website.