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How to Change the Presentation Author in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

It may not be obvious in PowerPoint but you may be interested to change the presentation author name. Especially if you are receiving a PPT presentation that you need to edit in your own MS Office or computer, or if you are taking a PPT from any other source, editing it and claiming that you […]

How To Use Portrait And Landscape Orientation in The Same PowerPoint Presentation

Some PowerPoint Presentations may require the use of both portrait and landscape orientation. However, by default the entire orientation of a presentation can be either in Landscape or Portrait. To use both orientations in a single presentation you can link PowerPoint files. Let’s take a look at the method by which you can use both […]

Add GIF Animation to PowerPoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 allows you to add GIF animation into slides and presentations. You can add avatars, shapes, images and many more animated objects into PowerPoint presentations for your personal or official use. In this tutorial, you will be guided that how to insert GIF animation into PowerPoint Presentations. You can create your own GIF […]

Create Text Columns in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint provides users complete control over their presentation’s look, from the way slides appear on the screen to how pictures and blocks of text flow. One approach to generate an impact with text on a slide is to manipulate how it fills a column. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can let you change a long list of […]

How to Open Adobe Illustrator .ai Vectors in PowerPoint 2100

Adobe Illustrator is a great software package from Adobe that we can use to make vectorized graphics. If you need to open .ai in PowerPoint 2010 then here we will explain how how to export your .ai files. First, you need to convert your .ai file to any format supported by PowerPoint. If we use […]