With the new era of digital TV used for widescreen projection of PowerPoint presentations, you may be interested to convert your old PowerPoint templates to a widescreen template compatible with your new TV monitor. Here we will show you how to adapt your corporate designs to a new PowerPoint template ready to be used in wide screen resolution like 16:9 or 16:10.

To change the PPT resolution you will need to change the settings under Design -> Page Setup. Now you can adjust the slides sized for On-screen Show 10:9.

Make a 16:10 Presentation Template in PowerPoint 2010

Some backgrounds may not be prepared beforehand for different resolutions, but you can still apply a workaround to troubleshoot this. For example, adjusting the background offset you can move the background to fit into the new widescreen size.

widescreen powerpoint template

Finally, here is the new size for the Business Idea PowerPoint template that was originally saved for 4:3 projection.

wide screen ppt template