Executive Summary is also known as management summary and you can use it to introduce your business in a short document. Normally an executive summary summarizes a longer report or proposal so readers can rapidly understand what is behind the project or business. You can create executive summary presentations in PowerPoint to describe what the audience will see along the presentation and make them understand what’s next.

Executive summary presentations

If you need to prepare an executive summary PowerPoint presentation then you can download any of our executive PowerPoint templates including this red executive template.

A common executive summary can contains slides describing background information, the analysis and main conclusions, but you can also add other relevant information to your topic that aids decision making by managers and describe as possibly the most important part of a business plan or project.

After you download the template you can insert SmartArt graphics and charts using PowerPoint. It is possible to change the PowerPoint layout depending if you need to show a title plus description (content) or show images and charts.

Executive Summary PowerPoint template