The passing away of a loved one can be tough on both family and friends and one of the most heart rendering times for anyone would be when they are asked to present a eulogy! Giving a eulogy at a memorial service is definitely a notable action and that is why it is so important to frame it in a manner that talks about the deceased’s life.

Unlike your regular speeches, be it wedding or retirement; a eulogy is poles apart from them! This is because someone’s passing away can be a difficult time to even muster up a few words to talk about them and their life. But there are a few ways through which you can deliver a heart rendering eulogy.


giving a heart rendering eulogy

The first thing to understand is that one should not shy away from giving a eulogy because it is good for you! It can help provide you with the closure that you need. It is going to hurt talking about the deceased but it is necessary too.

Write it Down

The first step which happens way before delivering a eulogy is framing it. For this you need to write anything that comes into your mind about the person. And obviously you need to stick with the positives! So after you have written down the moments you shared with that person and everything else about their life, you can then narrow it down to a few best moments or their best traits.


If you are struggling to find inspiration to write a eulogy about the person, you can take a look at old pictures or can think about past memories and the moments that you might have shared together. This will definitely help you find some much needed inspiration.


Be Confident

When you are up on the podium, it would help to stay confident and not get overpowered by your emotions. While delivering a eulogy it is best to address the people in the first row before addressing the whole room. After that you can address everyone in the room. A trick to staying confident is trying to make people laugh. Somebody’s passing away is a heart rendering moment but you can talk about the funny moments you shared with them. That is sure to create a light moment and ease up the room to a certain extent.

Delivering a eulogy is never an easy task as compared to a speech but they are necessary!