Presentations with powerful imagery can have an everlasting impact on the audience. For example, the use of clipart and animations depicting a flame can be useful for presenting topics related to the weather, summer season, chemistry, stiff market competition, a bad quarterly performance, etc.

Flame Themed PowerPoint Template With Animations

Rolling Flames PowerPoint Template is a multi-purpose presentation template with flame themed animations and clipart. The sample slides come with diverse presentation layouts. Flames PowerPoint template can be easily customized to create animated slides in a matter of minutes. Editing the animations isn’t necessary and the added content instantly merges with the animations, when slides are played in Slide Show mode.

Rolling Flames PowerPoint Template

Fire Themed Clipart And Images

Whether you intend to create slides related to weather forecasts, climatic conditions in an area, or wish to use the flame animations and images in a symbolic manner, the available sample slides are generic enough to accommodate a wide variety of topics which may resonate with ‘Flames’.

You can pick and copy your required clipart across slides and even edit existing clipart items to match the colors and pictures added to your slides. The below image shows a sample slide with flame themed clipart and images. As is evident from this screenshot, you can use this template to make anything from safety manuals for an organization to academic presentations.

Rolling Flames Clipart


Rolling Flames PowerPoint Template also provides layouts with SmartArt Graphics and charts, which can be useful in making presentations related to business performance and statistical data. This template is available for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. The supported versions include:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2013 (Windows)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (Mac OS X and iPad)

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Flames SmartArt

Flames Animation And Clipart

You can also download the “Flames” animation from Presenter Media. This animation is available in GIF, FLV and MOV format.

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Flames Animation And Clipart

Basketball Flaming Clipart

This is a clipart image which can be downloaded in JPG or PNG formats to complement a relevant presentation topic.

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Basketball Flaming Clipart