Ever wanted to make your own professional looking animated videos but didn’t know how? Try Go Animate. This easy to use web service provides simple options for making animated videos using animated characters and templates. You can use GoAnimate even if you are not very skilled in using a computer; this is because this web service provides a simple step by step method for making animated videos with available tools and animations.

Create Animated Presentations, Sales And Promotional Videos

Go Animate can be used for making all kinds of animated videos, such as business presentations, promotional sales videos, advertisement videos, educational tutorials and more. GoAnimate can even be used as an alternative to PowerPoint for making animated video presentations, with voice over.


Make Animated Videos With GoAnimate

Create Animated Videos With Business Templates And Animated Characters

To begin using GoAnimate, you can sign up for a free account or use your Facebook or Google account to login. You can begin making your animated videos either from scratch or use various business templates and characters.

Animated Business Templates

If you intend to use the available templates simply select a setting (storyline), choose a character, type in your dialogs (or record your voice over) and you’re done. All basic tools such as animated characters are provided for this purpose and you can create your videos with a voice over in a matter of a few minutes.


Business Friendly Templates For Making Videos

Export Videos To YouTube or Download Them Offline

After your video is complete, you can Preview it before exporting your video to YouTube or downloading it offline.

GoAnimate Video Preview

GoAnimate Introductory Video

To see how you can create animated videos using GoAnimate, see the developer’s video given below (created using GoAnimate).

You can try GoAnimate for free, however, you will require a paid subscription to save, export and download videos. For more details, head over to GoAnimate.

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