Presentations in various forms, different types and pertaining to variety of requirements, form a vital part of the communication related activities. There are two major areas which require proficient know how and proper display of this skill; the corporate and the academic sector.

Management Dashboard Presentation

Here is an overview of the similarities and differences between the two:


Similarities between Management PowerPoint Presentations and Educational PowerPoint presentations

Need to be Designed Keeping in Mind the Target Audience

For the business world one needs to contemplate the type of stakeholder, they will be presenting his demonstration to; for instance the presentation for a prospect and a buyer will carry different tones and content.

Correspondingly, in case of an educational exhibition, the stream in which students are specializing, their lecture group, grade and even study group matter or teaching presentations.

The Locational Factor Plays a Critical Role

For a more personalized effect and to keep the concentration and interest of the audience, one needs to concentrate on the regional factors. If you can successfully make the mindset of the audience, identify with your thoughts, and then your work is half done.

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In the corporate scenario it can be your client from some distant location while in case of students, it is mostly the social background they are coming from.


Information Structure

An educational presentation needs to be as detailed as it can be, especially if it is technical in nature. But the corporate communication rulebook says, that be precise, yet be informative. Give out maximum ideas in possibly the least number of words.

Presenter’s Techniques

They vary according to the fields and it is here, that the real test of your communication skills takes place. Usually a teacher or lecturer is the communicator during an academic exhibition, for her staying well-informed on the topic is not enough, she has to have the talent to put all the facts in an articulative and comprehensible way for the listeners (students) to understand.

In case of business presentations, usually there are people specially assigned for this purpose, hence the presenter needs to collect the facts or update himself on the content after the presentation has been made. But in this stream not just acquaintance but practice with the program is a must.

Furthermore, for an educational presentation the demonstration style need not be in the form of slides, there can be other formats and forms as well. Although, slideshow is the most widespread and preferable phenomena in the business world.

Different types of program, software and other technical presentation techniques are fast catching up trend; these have proved to be immensely successful in both the sectors.