There are many different types of speeches that exist and that’s because there are many different circumstances that call for a speech! Most speeches are categorized by the occasion and some by the amount of preparation required. So let’s try to decode different types of speeches.

different types of speeches


Motivational speeches are usually spoken at businesses, by sport coaches and military commanders. And motivational speeches are short and are used as a pep talk of sorts to provide inspiration and enthusiasm to people. They speak about the task at hand and how it can be achieved despite seeming difficult.


An informative speech, as the name suggests, provides some piece of information to the audience. So basically you can call it a lecture whereby the speaker provides his audience with some knowledge about a specific topic. So an informative speech can range from the history of some product to the history of some event or just general information about anything.


In an impromptu speech the speaker is given very little time to prepare and often is required to speak within a few moments of being given a topic. An impromptu speech is also one of the best ways to prepare to become a better speaker because they require you to think fast and on your feet with very little time being given for preparing.


A persuasive speech requires the speaker to talk about a certain topic with the aim of convincing his audience about the topic being spoken of. Most advertising campaigns are persuasive in nature because they require the viewer to take action about something by appealing to them logically and emotionally. That’s exactly what a persuasive speech intends on doing! Often quoted as being one of the toughest speeches, a persuasive speech requires the speaker to coherently stir up the emotions of his audience.


A demonstrative speech or a how-to speech closely resembles an informative speech but the difference here is that in a demonstrative speech the speaker talks about the ‘how-to’ of something rather than just presenting the audience with simple information about that something. An informative speech about ‘Computers’ will just tell the audience about computers, their history etc. but a demonstrative speech about it will tell the audience about the working of a computer. That’s the difference.