When trying to create unique presentations, it can be quite effective to use novel ideas. Be it the use of animated PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint slides with transitions and effects or the use of an iOS device to deliver a presentation via apps like Doodlecast Pro, Mobile Slides or Presentation Link app (instead of Keynote).  Whatever the case might be you might find it useful to add another app to your armor by carving photos in to different shapes for your presentation slides or just to make fun images out of normal photos. Shape That is an iOS app that allows users to crop photos into shapes and symbols, with more than 180 frame masks.

Turn Pictures into Shapes, Symbols, Letters or Words

Whether you wish to create funny images to please your toddler, need to create symbols for presentations, wish to turn an image of a loved one into a special symbol or word, ShapeThat can help you carve your imagination.


Shape That

Transforming Photos With ShapeThat

To get started with ShapeThat, you can import images from your iDevice, quickly snap a photo using options within the app or connect your Facebook account to access photos for transformation. After a photo has been loaded, you can turn it into a shape, symbol or letter using the ShapeThat editor. This editor lets you switch between various frames. You can even change the size of a selected mask, and optionally change the default white color of the mask using a full color palette. To give a final touch to the image, you can drag it within the frame to make sure that it is positioned just right.

Transform Photos With ShapeThat

Share Transformed Images Across Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter

Using the ShapeThat sharing menu you can also share your transformed images across social media websites, including; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also send the image via email or save it directly to your camera roll.


Share Transformed Images Across Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter

ShapeThat has been optimized for iPhone 5 and works with the following iDevices (running version 5.0 or higher):

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

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