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Crop Photos into Shapes And Symbols For Presentations On iPhone

When trying to create unique presentations, it can be quite effective to use novel ideas. Be it the use of animated PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint slides with transitions and effects or the use of an iOS device to deliver a presentation via apps like Doodlecast Pro, Mobile Slides or Presentation Link app (instead of Keynote).  Whatever […]

Hand Drawn Pie Chart Template for PowerPoint

Free Hand Drawn Pien Chart template is a free presentation chart template that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint with unique hand drawn style. You can free download hand drawn chart templates for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 to make customer-focused presentations. Free hand drawn charts can also be used to make awesome financial PowerPoint […]

Simple Shapes in PowerPoint

You can use shapes in PowerPoint to design great graphics and diagrams for your presentations. You can choose from a variety of PowerPoint shapes to be used in your slides, however it is always good to recall what are the basic shapes in PowerPoint 2010 that we can use to make attractive slides and concept […]

Creating a pricing table for PowerPoint presentation

Pricing tables are very common in websites for applications or services that charges a fee or where you can purchase products online. However, sometimes we need to display a pricing information in a PowerPoint presentation. This tutorial explains how we can create  a pricing table in PowerPoint using SmartArt. We can get some inspiration from […]