Gliffy is a famous web app which has the most prestigious customers on its list including; Twitter, Adobe, Dell, Cisco, Pandora and others. This web app is usually available for a monthly subscription and enables making diagrams, flowcharts, drawings, mind maps and other types of content which can even be used in presentations due to its professional look. Gliffy Diagrams is a Chrome app which offers some of the functionalities of the awesome Gliffy web app for free.

Install From Chrome Web Store And Launch App Using Chrome App Launcher

Gliffy Diagrams can be installed from the Chrome Web Store and even works offline. It is worth mentioning here that you will require registering your product with an email address to begin using Gliffy Diagrams. If you are using a Windows operating system like Windows 7, a Chrome App Launcher will be pinned to your taskbar which can be used for launching this app for making mind maps, diagrams and mockups in Chrome.


Install Gliffy Diagrams

Create Professional Looking Diagrams Offline

Once installed it runs on your desktop and provides various library items and formatting tools to help you easily create elaborate diagrams. At first run you will be greeted with a tutorials at the start of this app to provide you with basic instructions for making diagrams with Gliffy. Click Start Drawing to begin making your diagrams.

Instructions for making diagrams

Easy To Use Tools, Shapes And Formatting Options

Gliffy Diagrams has both a sidebar with shapes and stencils and a top bar with various tools for making diagrams. You can drag and drop shapes, add text and format your added content to create diagrams with ease. To add your own images, simply drag them to your diagram.


Create Diagrams With Gliffy for Chrome

Use Diagram Themes For Your Projects

You can also use the various Diagram themes for making your mind maps, Venn diagrams, organizational charts, flow-charts, etc.

Diagram Themes

Using the various features in this Chrome App you can create anything from basic to highly complex diagrams using the most basic drawing tools. Gliffy also offers a list of Shape and Document shortcuts and the utility to lock items when making your diagram. You can acquire a list of shortcuts via the Help menu.


Diagram Made Using Gliffy Diagrams

Save Gliffy Projects Offline And Export Diagrams As PNG or JPG

Once your project is complete you can save it as a Gliffy Document and also export it in PNG or JPG format for use on websites, blog posts, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations or with any other software or platform which supports these image formats.

Export Gliffy Project

The below image shows a Gliffy diagram added to a PowerPoint presentation.

Sample Diagram Made Using Gliffy

To start drawing your own diagrams, mockups and mind maps, install Gliffy Diagrams for Chrome.

Go to Gliffy Diagrams (Chrome Web Store)