Hiring professional help to create animated presentations, standalone animations or video demos can cost a fortune, luckily there are some very handy free web services that can help you make your own video animations with little effort. Wideo is a web service for making videos online by combining clipart, images, logos, text and backgrounds. Using Wideo you can not only upload your own content but also use a wide range of library items to make interesting video animations in just a few minutes. And did I mention the availability of background soundtracks?

Create Videos Online For Free

Like most web services you can not only sign up for a free account but also login with Facebook, to get started with Wideo. After you are logged in you can either edit a readymade animation (default video) or click Create to start with a new animation from scratch.



Easy To Use Editor With Clipart, Images, Backgrounds And Soundtracks

Before you begin making your animation, you will be provided with a helpful video tutorial. Using Wideo isn’t all that hard as all you require is to select a background and add images and text. The editing interface comes with a timeline to track your video and also provides the option to instantly playback created scenes.

Wideo Editor

You can also add a background score to your video from a wide range of soundtracks given by Wideo. Alternatively, you can even upload your own background music.


Add Soundtrack to video

As you can see from the screenshot given below, Wideo provides a huge collection of images and clipart for making videos, including sketches, social media icons, as well as clipart related to business, technology, people, animals, etc.

Create Video Animations

Once your video is complete, you can Save and Publish it. Videos created with Wideo can be shared online and even downloaded offline. The latter can be useful for presenting your videos as video presentations by either adding them to an application like PowerPoint or running them in a media player.

Create And Share Animated Videos

While Wideo is a free service, some features like the option to download videos requires choosing a paid plan.

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