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Using PowerPoint In Education and Essay Writing

Microsoft PowerPoint originated in the business world but is now widely used as a tool for educational purposes. A typical PowerPoint presentation usually contains diagrams, pictures, graphs, and bullet points.  Students can remember information better when presented in such a visual, dynamic way. The slides can help keep teachers on track, and a combination of […]

Best Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Roadmaps are used by organizations and individuals to outline project plans. A roadmap can be a good way of mapping the major deadlines for different milestones and provides a plan of action that can be referred to for keeping an eye on the progress of a venture. We have created a list of the Best […]


5+ Tips to Use Microsoft Excel like a Pro

Microsoft Excel has advanced a lot these days and there are numerous features in it that help in enhancing the proficiency and capability to work effectively. Here are a few tips that every user must check out to become a Microsoft Excel professional.

How to Recover a PowerPoint Presentation File from the Temp folder

Have you ever spent hours working on a PowerPoint presentation, only to accidentally close it before saving your hard work? It’s a situation that most of us have encountered at least once. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. Windows stores a temporary file of your unsaved work in the TEMP folder, and you can recover […]

How Can A Recruiter Win With The Interview Presentation Slides?

Description: Presenting slides for an interview can be nerve-racking. Especially if you aren’t good with people or it’s a big deal on the line. Not to worry, read on to get helpful tips to know before presenting. Presenting an interview using slides to a prospective client can be a little daunting. Things can go wrong […]

How to Make a Word Cloud for PowerPoint or Google Slides

Word clouds are a great visualization tool that shows the popular words in a document in bigger size, and helps to get in a glimpse what are the predominant words. The more a specific word appears in the data, the bigger it appears in the tag cloud. In the past, many word cloud generators depending on […]