Technology themed presentations are becoming more common in the wake of the rising use of computing devices. If you need to make a presentation on a technology related topic, then here are a few of our suggested Free Technology PowerPoint Templates.

Best free technology PowerPoint templates

Free Information Technology PowerPoint Template

The title slide depicts a globe with lines representing interconnected networks. There are diverse sample slides in this template which depict business professionals, mobile devices, network towers, etc. You can copy and reuse the clipart in this template for existing and new slides. There are seven slides with well-crafted sample content that you can make use of to create technology themed presentations.


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Information technology PowerPoint template

Free Call Center PowerPoint Template

This template has a cover slide which depicts three individuals in a call center wearing headsets. The following slide is a generic slide with the call center graphic shown on top and blue space for adding your own content.

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Call center PowerPoint template

Free iPhone PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this is an iPhone themed template which delivers slide layouts with the famous Apple device. As is the case with templates at ‘PPT Template’, you will require using one of the sharing buttons before the download link is unlocked for downloading this free template.

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Free iPhone PowerPoint template


Free Keyboard PowerPoint Template

Keyboards play a vital role in using every major computing device. This template comes with layouts that provide space for presenting charts, bulleted lists, comparison layouts and the like. Each slide provides the computer keyboard image located on a side, with a nice blue background that is easy on the eyes and quite visually appealing.

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Keyboard PowerPoint template

Free Tech Buttons PowerPoint Template

This awesome technology themed template for PowerPoint has a glossy layout with tech buttons showing essential computing symbols like search, home, email, unlock, etc. There are five sample slides including the cover slide, which depict these buttons along different layouts.

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Tech buttons PowerPoint template