With the introduction of iOS 8, Apple’s mobile operating system gets a new look along with the heaps of new functions that app developers are exploring like third party keyboards, notifications, browser extensions, lock screen widgets and many more.

Apps that make the best use of iOS 8


Here is a list of some of the most wonderful apps that make the best use of iOS 8:


This amazing app allows its users to auto fill their passwords and other login credentials directly into Safari. 1Password allows advanced features like shared password vaults, as well as auto filling of passwords


The powerful functions of Evernote make it the internet’s most preferred note taking tool. The latest version of Evernote iOS embodiment makes the most of the iOS features allowing web clipping and sharing accessible from a variety of apps and enables you to quickly create and upload photos and notes.


Pocket is another wonderful tool that makes the best use of iOS 8. The latest version provides easy sharing of the content to and from Pocket. Moreover, with handy safari extension the sharing of articles and web pages becomes quick and easy. Thus, allowing you to simply save and surf.



News360 is your personalized news reader app that exhibits top stories from your preferred subjects, websites, corporations and personalities. On the basis of users input and feedback, this app is learning and continuously improving. News360 also allows you to quickly read the newest news stories.

OmniFocus 2

It is a productivity app that joins to-do lists with daily task management. This wonderful productive app comes with a widget in today section of the notification center in iOS highlighting daily tasks and to-dos as well as a sharing extension that enables users to share content from the web and other apps with OmniFocus.