Want to present a work breakdown structure in a presentation? We have just the template for you. The WBS Template is an animated presentation template for PowerPoint and Keynote which can help you construct work breakdown structure diagrams and presentation slides on a PC, Mac or iPad.

Animated WBS Template

The WBS template comes with an opening slide of an animation showing a clock and a dollar sign poised on a seesaw. You can customize this animated slide with your own text and logo.


wbs template for powerpoint

Multiple Project Breakdown Layouts

You can make use of the various project breakdown slide designs in this template, all of which come in the form of both animated and static slides. When using the animated version you can merely populate the slides with text and optionally images to amalgamate your content with the existing animations.

project breakdown structure for powerpoint

Static and Animated Slide Designs

As the animations run pretty much autonomously, your added text and images will not be affected by it but rather you will be able to use the animations as a complement to your customizations. Alternatively, you can use the static version of the sample slides.


animated wbs slide designs

Another very useful aspect of this template is that you can easily change the images within the sample slides and replace them with your own. This gives more control to the presenter regarding the organization of the WBS charts to display content and images which best match the requirements of the presentation.

The WBS Template can be downloaded for the following:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote for Mac
  • Keynote App for iPad

Go to Presenter Media – WBS Template for PowerPoint and Keynote

sample wbs chart

Work Life Balance Clipart Image

You can also download this static clipart image in PNG or JPG format to complement your WBS related presentations. The image depicts a stick figure standing in the middle of a seesaw between the words ‘Work’ and ‘Life’.

Go to Presenter Media – Work Life Balance Clipart Image

work life balance clipart image