VR technology seems to be the next step in technology. VR devices are not only being used for video games but VR might soon be an integral part of social media, remote meetings, simulations for surgery or psychological treatments, and the like. The Animated VR PowerPoint Template gives sample slides to provide presenters with a slide deck to discuss VR technology.

Animated VR PowerPoint Template

Animated VR Illustrations

This animated template comes with an illustration of a figure wearing a VR headset. There is space for adding your own text which can help you redesign the given slides with ease. The slides are animated, and to advance the animations you will require clicking on the slide.


VR Exploration PowerPoint Template

Discuss VR Technology and Devices

The template gives everything from content slide designs to timelines, infographics and comparison slides that you can customize to match your needs. You can also use this template to discuss different VR models such as the Microsoft HoloLens, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and other types of VR devices under production.

VR Design

Generate Infographics to Elaborate your Topic

The template provides a number of slides which can be easily used for creating infographics. These slides are easy to edit, where you need only to add text to create your custom slide. Furthermore, you can also reorder and resize objects by dragging them around. If you want to further customize your slides, you can change the color of individual slide objects from within PowerPoint.


VR Infographic

This VR themed presentation template can be a good resource to discuss anything related to virtual reality technology and devices, with the visual aid of animated slides with generic VR illustrations. This can help you discuss any VR related topic by making minor adjustments to the sample content.

VR Technology

This VR template works with Mac and PC variants of PowerPoint. You can also preview the slides from the product page.

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