There are PowerPoint templates which are minimalist but not very usable and then there are templates which can help you do a lot more than an average template with minimalist designs. A technology theme design with random lines might not seem much, however, with a flat design and animated slides, the Animated Techy Design PowerPoint Template is worth checking out for making technology and business themed presentations.

Animated Random Lines

Originally titled as Random Lines, this Techy Design PowerPoint Template contains shades of red and black, with whitespace to make your added content and slides easier to grasp. The layouts are refreshingly easy on the eyes. you can replace the sample HD images in the slides to create a custom version of the sample layouts.


animated techy powerpoint template

Reveal Slide Content in a Sequence

There is a cog animation which plays out as you load your slides. In the slide below, you can add bullet points, which will load with the cog spinning each time you hit the right arrow key or use mouse click. Subtle animations like these can make it easy for you to present your content in a set sequence. Explaining one part of the slide after you reveal the next to your audience.

animated template with red lines

What makes this template unique is its animated design, which is refreshingly clean looking and easy to customize. Since this is a premium template, it comes with objects which can be selected for editing individually.


random lines with animations

The instructions within sample slides will help you determine the best layout match for your photos, text, headings and subheadings, etc. You can easily clear out space for inserting tables and charts or your custom branding and photos.

customize red lines theme

This premium template contains 8 sample slides, with different layouts which can be duplicated and edited for creating custom content that best suits your presentation requirements, branding needs and needs as a presenter.

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