Since PowerPoint is yet to sprout tabs like most modern applications, we have been providing you with various workarounds to get tabs for PowerPoint. In previous posts we showed you how to add tabs to Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as brought you tab themed PowerPoint templates. More recently, we came across the Tab Navigation Presentation Template for PowerPoint, which suffice to say is an animated tabbed PowerPoint template that can make your content interactive with the aid of tabbed slides.

Create Slides with Interactive Tabs

Each slide in this template comes with tabs located at the bottom. Each tab is linked to a specific slide, making it possible to switch between your slides in a click. This means that you can easily create interactive presentations and reveal your related slides in an instance without the need to move back and forth your deck.


Switch Between Slides in a Click

This template might be especially useful for presenters who require presenting comparisons in their presentations. Say, you have to present a chart with statistics and need to make a comparison with other related information. In such a case you can instantly switch back and forth your chart and related content slide(s) by using the tabs located at the bottom, which will allow you to switch between various slides in a single-click, right from your slideshow.

Awesome Slide Layouts for Professional Presentations

There are 17 sample slides in this deck, each with a unique layout. This can provide you with all the variety you might need for making a professional looking presentation.


The template comes with graphs, sample diagrams, text-heavy layouts, as well as other types of creatively designed layouts that can be customized according to need by presenters.

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