One of the least used tricks for making a good presentation is the use of animated content. The reason why many people don’t use this method is because of lack of knowledge regarding the creation of animated presentations. If you are looking for an easy way of creating animated PowerPoint presentations, then it might be a good idea to try out some animated PowerPoint Templates. The Puzzle Piece Toolkit is one such template which provides animated puzzle pieces for PowerPoint presentations.

Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint Presentations

Create Thought Provoking Animated Presentations

Puzzle pieces can be an interesting way of demonstrating ideas to your audience. Puzzle pieces can help you portray anything from a productive process, synergy, teamwork, to complex ideas such as the implementation of Kaizen in an organization. Similarly, you can use this animated PowerPoint template for producing e-learning content and college presentations.


Resizable Puzzle Pieces

Customizable Animations For Business And Educational Use

The Puzzle Piece Toolkit is quite generic and comes with many customizable readymade slides and elements to help you create presentations by editing out existing content or by simply copy/pasting various puzzle pieces to your slides. You can even change the color and size of puzzle pieces to match your needs.

Customizable Puzzle Pieces

Useful For Creating Standalone Presentations And Individual Slides

Whether you are an educator, student, business professional or someone who needs to present ideas to a potential client, this toolkit can help you make the most out of your ideas by displaying your concepts using various colorful and animated puzzle pieces. In fact, you can even use content from multiple animated templates to create a single presentation. For example, other than puzzle pieces, you can create Timeline slides using material from the Timeline Toolkit and use various types of gauges to show concepts like productivity and motivation by using animations from the Gauge Toolkit.


Interactive Presentations With Puzzle Pieces Toolkit

You can download the Puzzle Piece Toolkit and many other animated templates or clipart items from the Presenter Media website (link given below). To download animated templates and clipart, you will require signing up for a subscription. The Puzzle Piece Toolkit works with both PC and Mac, including the following versions of PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008 and 2001 (Mac)

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