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Download animated templates for PowerPoint presentations including awesome animated slides and designs that you can use to impress your boss and delight your audience.

PowerPoint Template With Thief Running Across Rooftops in HD Animation

Presenter Media is well-known for coming up with innovative PowerPoint Templates, clipart and video backgrounds. Thief Text is yet another amazing video background by Presenter Media which can also be downloaded as an Animated PowerPoint Template with thief animation. The video animation can be customized with a specific text before downloading it which can include […]

US Map PowerPoint Template

We have recently covered a number of map templates for PowerPoint, including the Widescreen World Map Toolkit, Canada Map Toolkit and the Europe Map Toolkt. Using such map templates can be quite useful for making business and academic presentations, which may require showing various geographical areas and their importance. If you require a similar template […]

Canada Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

Maps are always a good way to project business reports for revenue and sales forecasts, potential markets, consumer trends, etc. Previously, we brought you the review for the Widescreen World Map Toolkit and the Europe Map Toolkit. These Animated PowerPoint Templates are map templates that come with editable sample slides for making custom presentations which […]

Europe Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint

Maps are an interesting way of outlining important aspects of a business or academic presentation. Previously, we brought you the Widescreen World Map Toolkit Template For PowerPoint, which provides animated slides with customizable maps for all major countries of the world. If you are looking for a similar Animated PowerPoint Template for Europe, then you […]

Animated Construction PowerPoint Template

When making a PowerPoint Presentation, using novel ideas can help you create attention grabbing content. When creating business presentations, using Animated PowerPoint Templates can help you create interactive slides that can instantly grab the attention of the audience and keep their interest alive. Presenter Media offers many such templates, such as the Construction Area Toolkit. […]

Editable Clock PowerPoint Template With Timepieces

Animated PowerPoint templates can always make even the most boring presentations unique. We have previously brought you a number of such templates by Presenter Media. The Clock Toolkit is another Animated Clock PowerPoint Template which can help you create business and academic presentations by using slides containing customizable timepieces. With the help of this animated […]

Animated Puzzle Pieces For PowerPoint

One of the least used tricks for making a good presentation is the use of animated content. The reason why many people don’t use this method is because of lack of knowledge regarding the creation of animated presentations. If you are looking for an easy way of creating animated PowerPoint presentations, then it might be […]

How to Download free Animated PowerPoint Templates with Instructions

Microsoft Office website has thousands of free animated PowerPoint templates and backgrounds on Business, Education, Energy, Finance and Holidays, to be used in slides. Breathe life into your photo collection with this PowerPoint template. Create stunning PowerPoint presentations friends and business with animation and flair. Reproduction instructions are included so that you can customize the […]