Product management consists of planning, development, production and forecasting for products associated with a company. A product manager has the task to oversee the design, development and implementation of products, while engaging multiple departments. A product pipeline, on the contrary consists of a number of products, which may even be at different stages of the product life cycle. Companies try to have a good number of products in the growth stage, to ensure a handsome turnover for the company.

Product Pipeline PowerPoint Template

If you intend to illustrate a product pipeline or wish to create a presentation about the different stages of a product, you can use this Animated Product Pipeline Presentation Template for PowerPoint. The template starts with a title slide with puzzle pieces surrounding a circle with a cog inside it. This represents a process or machine, producing an output.


Animated product pipeline PowerPoint template

Show a Complete Product Pipeline using Animated Illustrations

The following slide shows people brainstorming to create a product. This slide is title ‘Product idea Birth’ and has a number of placeholders for customizing the slide content.

Product idea slide

In the very next slide an animation depicts product development. This slide depicts a number of people developing a product, which is then transported using a conveyor belt. This animated sequence spans across two slides.


Product development slide

Switch Slides with the Ferris Wheel Effect

Similarly, the slides which follow depict the Product Creation and process conclusion slide. Apart from these there are also other slides which come with generic illustrations and animations which can help you create a professional presentation with ease. An interesting aspect of this template is that the slides switch using the Ferris Wheel effect, which makes the animated sequence appear as if a product is in development. You can hence, use the animated product development sequence of slides to create a complete product pipeline presentation for your product.

Product pipeline process

Create Lists, Meeting Agendas & Charts

The sample slides consist of layouts which can be easily used for making lists, meeting agendas, charts and for adding other types of content. Even small objects within slides are editable, making customization more comprehensive and fun.

List slide with notebook background

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