It’s hard to find a template that can depict an assembly line or factory process with eye-catching graphics. The Animated Factory Product Process PowerPoint Template is an exception. The template not only provides assembly line slide designs but delivers animations that show the conveyor belts in action.

Animated Factory Process Slide Designs

With a dozen slides, this presentation template depicts a production process and different stages of it in the form of animations. The slides depicts different stages of the process; with workers busy in different production related tasks. You can add your text to customize these slides for making presentations about factories, production, production processes, blue collar workers, and the like.


Reshape Sample Slides

The different layouts in this slide can help you emphasize the various aspects of factory production. There is ample space for adding text to highlight the key points for your slides. Furthermore, you can add your own images to customize the product depicted within slides, as well as recolor and reshape sample slides.

Depict The Production Process from Start to End

You can depict a production process from start to end, as well as discuss transportation and marketing related information with the aid of the given slides. The slides have been designed to be adjustable so that you can mould them as you deem fit. The graphics depict generic items, mostly crates so you can always make adjustments to depict a specific type of product.


There is also a slide with the world map. You can use this to discuss things like your market plan, market segment, global factors affecting the market, transportation and supply chain, etc.

The different slides come with clipart that you can copy, recolor and move around via drag and drop. This can help you design your slides with ease and to make use of the given resources for making slides that stand out.

Other than Microsoft PowerPoint, this animated factory themed template is also available for Keynote.

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