If you are making a presentation about fire brigade, fire safety, workplace safety or fire prevention, you might want to use a template that can help better convey the message using visual aid. For this reason we have compiled a list of clipart and PowerPoint templates.

Animated Extinguishing Fire PowerPoint Template

This is a comprehensive template with animations, clipart and sample layouts which can be best used for making fire prevention themed presentations. The template contains an opening slide depicting a fire brigade, which is followed by various other customizable layouts with fire themed content.


You can see all the sample slides and download the template for PowerPoint or Keynote from the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Extinguishing Fire PowerPoint Template

Animated extinguishing fire PowerPoint template

Animated Fire Truck PowerPoint Template

This fire truck centered presentation template depicts a fire truck animation, which is presented alongside multiple sample slides in the template, with editable layouts and resizable clipart images. The introductory slide in this template shows a fire truck animation which you can easily customize by adding your own title and adding a logo/image.


You can download this animated template for Keynote and PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Fire Truck PowerPoint Template

Animated fire truck powerpoint template

Emergency Fire Truck Clipart

This static clipart provides an image of a fire truck with a ladder. You can download this clipart in a desired resolution and even customize the clipart colors using the customization options at the Presenter Media website.


Go to Presenter Media – Emergency Fire Truck Clipart

Emergency fire truck clipart

Fire Extinguisher Clipart

If you are making a fire related presentation, the chances are you would want to include a fire extinguisher image. This high-quality clipart can help you in better presenting your topic, as it can be downloaded in a custom resolution to retain image quality.

Both clipart images mentioned in this post can be downloaded in PNG or JPG image formats.

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Fire extinguisher clipart