When its summer season and people want to unwind, many head for camping. If you’re a student who intends to discuss your summer camping trip or someone in the tourism industry looking to make a presentation about camping, the Animated Camping PowerPoint Template has the perfect mix of illustrations and animations for you.

Make Your Title Pop-Out

The slide deck opens with an image of a camp, with space for adding the title of your presentation. This slide loads with pre-defined animations, making your added title pop-out.


Animated Camping PowerPoint Template

Provide Camping Tips to Your Audience or Create Infographics

The second slide has been left for adding text regarding camping guidelines. This can be useful if you are leading a group of tourists and what to discuss the dos and don’ts with them or wish to provide them with camping tips. You can also repurpose this slide and create infographics or add other useful information as you deem fit.

Camp Fire Slide

Display Information using Animated Illustrations

With the visual aid of animated illustrations, you can create interesting slides with this animated camping themed presentation template. Anything you add to slides will turn into animated content as you run your slides in slide show mode.


Camping Slides

There are a number of handy illustrations, such as this illustration of a compass, which can help add visual appeal to your slides. You can create slides around the given sample illustrations to make your content more meaningful and interesting.

Compass Illustration

Camping Icons

There are also a number of camping icons given in the last slide which you can copy for use across your presentation slides. These icons depict a camp, fish, map, camp fire and other interesting clipart that can help you craft slides that are attention grabbing and meaningful for your audience.

Camping Icons

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