Construction themed templates can be useful for real estate, architecture and project related presentations. You can use such a template for making timelines, presenting project details, financial information and the like. We previously brought you a list of the Best Construction PowerPoint Templates. Animated Building Construction PowerPoint Template is another construction themed template with animated slides.

animated building construction powerpoint template

Construction Themed Slides

The opening slide and the first few slides that follow the title slide, allow you to introduce the topic and your portfolio before the audience. You can also edit out these sections to customize the layouts according to need. The sample slides contain pictures of construction sites. These are replaceable photos. You can also make use of the sample images and make your presentation around sample layouts by adding text to animated slides.


construction design slides

Construction and Project Timelines

You can create your own timelines, roadmaps and add charts to reveal construction and project related information in your slides. You can also duplicate some of these slides to extend your PowerPoint timelines and roadmaps across multiple slides.

construction timeline for powerpoint

Infographics and Construction Diagrams

The sample layouts can be easily edited and can be used for introducing your organization and team, project details, infographics, custom diagrams related to construction and the like. The editable elements allow you to use drag and drop to customize slides, as well as to edit sample layouts for making your own infographics, timelines and construction diagrams.


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construction diagram

This construction themed presentation template is compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and later editions, including PowerPoint 2019. You can use this template with PowerPoint variants for PC and Mac. Apart from the 11 sample slides, you also get customization instructions in the form of 7 slides with instructions regarding how to customize animated slides.

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