The Office Building Construction PowerPoint Template gives animated slides depicting a sequence of illustrations which reveal the construction process for an office building.

The slide deck starts with an illustration of a blueprint of an office building, with space for introducing your presentation topic. The office building theme of the template makes it ideal for topics related to real estate, business, construction, economics, urban development, etc.


business office building powerpoint template

Office Building Construction Animations

The various slides in this template show a process of an office building being constructed. These are editable slides that you can even modify by adding or removing slide objects. You can also recolor and resize slide elements. While there are different text-boxes placed in slides to help you elaborate your topic, you can always add new ones, as well as resize or remove the existing placeholders.

building construction powerpoint

Sample Slides with Various Layouts

The sample slides can be used for making not only content slides but also infographics, bullet lists and comparisons. You can also modify them to add your charts and diagrams. The 11 sample slides in this template give various sample layouts to help you quickly design a good looking presentation. The slide elements load with pre-defined animations which you can always edit via the Animation Pane.


building design layout for powerpoint

Building and Construction Related Clipart

Since the template is editable, the slide objects come in the form of images you can extract from slides. This means you can copy the various construction related clipart to design new slides or to edit your sample slides by copying objects between slides.

construction template

Available for both PowerPoint and Keynote, you can download this template from the developer’s website link given below. Before downloading the template, you can preview all slides from the slide preview offered on the product page.

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