Once a year is about to end, you might need to provide an overview of the progress of a business or reflect upon the achievements of an organization in the form of a presentation. A Years Progression PowerPoint Template helps capture all those important details in the form of elegant slides with depictions of different colored leaves.

A Year in Review

The template starts with a slide depicting leaves of different colors, representing the different seasons of the year. This can be a perfect way of starting a slide to introduce a presentation about a yearly roundup.


A years progression powerpoint template

The second slide provides space for adding content. It is subtle, yet elegant, with a semi-transparent text-box for adding relevant information, amidst a backdrop depicting different colored leaves.

A year in review

Elegantly Designed Slide Backgrounds

There are a variety of layouts and background designs in this template that you can duplicate and customize to build your slides. There are also instructions in the form of removable boxes that provide you with ideas regarding how you can customize your slides.


Autumn slide background

Comparison Slides to Divide a Year in Quarters

The comparison layout below makes use of the same theme of different colored leaves representing different seasons, with each section highlighted in a different shade. Each shade can be used to represent a financial quarter, a season or a part of the year that you intend to discuss in your presentation. These comparison slides come with two, three and four sections.

Four points comparison

For a more detailed analysis, you can even use the slides with 6 different sections. These slides can help you elaborate complex topics by breaking them down in different sections for the ease of your audience.

Six blocks for comparison

While this is a template meant for a yearly review, it does distinctly represent a somewhat Autumn theme. Hence, you can also use it for presentations where you might want to discuss events related to the fall season or discuss topics such as climate change, conservation, forests, global warming, etc.

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