With the introduction of Microsoft PowerPoint it has really become easy to present information like text, images, graphs, music and videos, as this tool has made the presentation process really easy. In fact, PowerPoint 2013 even allows you to present live PowerPoint presentations online. However, sometimes it’s really difficult to share those large PowerPoint Files online because Gmail, Yahoo and other email service providers don’t give the permission to send large files via email.  If you require sharing large PowerPoint files but don’t know how, then you should check out the 6 effective ways to easily transfer large PowerPoint files given below.

6 Effective Ways To Share Large PowerPoint Files Online

Let’s discuss each of these free methods one by one:

  • If you want to send large files at once and that too in bulk then File Factory will help you in uploading the files of size up to 2GB.  The advantage of using this method is that you can upload the file from your computer also or from remote server.
  • If you want to share the files without registering an account than make use of YouSendIt (now known as Hightail).  This will enable you to share the files of size 100 MB each.  It contains an email form and with the help of this form you can send your file from the home page itself and this sent file will be available for download for 7 days.
  • You can also share your important files using the Send Anywhere web service. Unlike conventional file transfer services, it offers P2P (Peer-To-Peer) file transfer. You can transfer and receive files using an Android or iOS device, Chrome Extension or just a conventional browser by going to the Send Anywhere website.
  • Using the TransferBigFiles service, you can send files of 1 GB each and can even protect your files with a password, along with a personal note for the recipients. One great feature of this service is that you will receive an email notification when your file is downloaded by someone. It even allows you to send your file to multiple people in just a single click.
  • File Dropper is another service which enables you to send files as big as 5GB. Your any type of file is acceptable no matter whether it is movies, videos, executables or photos. Once the upload is complete you get a personal link of your uploaded file.
  • With the help of Tonsho you don’t have to do the uploading part yourself and can simply send an email using a common email client. This email will be than pass through Tonsho servers and if it finds that your attachments are too large, your file will get automatically uploaded.

Hence, if you want to share your large PowerPoint files easily then start using the above discussed methods today and make your life easy!