Do you tend to get jitters whenever your name is called out for public speaking, but ashamed of accepting this fact? Well, if yes then there is one thing to be cheerful about that you are not alone. Be it a business presentation or wedding ceremony speech, getting nervous is quite a common issue.

May be it is not a problem at all because, according to top level psychologists and business honchos, presentation nerves encourage you to bring out the hidden talent, thus, turning it into a successful performance. However in order to achieve positive results, you are required to invest in your negativity to turn it into your strength.

Fear Of Public Speaking


To help you further in overcoming the fears of public speaking, given below is an overview of 5 simple steps that can prove beneficial.

Step 1: Realization is the key: Being afraid of public speaking is a conditioned response that is a result of momentary changes in our nervous system. So, stop considering it to be your weakness or some kind of flaw. And, instead of being secretive about this fear of yours, you should start recognizing it, so as to overcome it for your betterment.

Step 2: Getting hold of the ‘Root Cause’: The second crucial step that comes into play is to understand the nature of fear. In some people, the fear is due to loss of trust in oneself or at times due to fear of criticism as to what if something goes wrong.

To put an end to these worries, it is advisable to strengthen up your inner voice and make it compassionate enough. This is essential so as to keep yourself motivated instead of getting frustrated. Trust us when we say that it is a great stress buster.


Step 3: De-Mystifying the fear: You need to reduce your fear, anxiety or nerves as it is sometimes addressed. For this, try to analyze and relate with previous instances and mistakes so as not to repeat them in future. The best thing to be done is to let loose yourself and develop a sense of willingness.

Step 4: Shift your focus to audience: After all the self-realization, the next step is to shift your attention to the audience. As they are the final critic so, try to inculcate essential traits within yourself and your script so that your listeners feel at ease and enjoy listening to you. Its benefit is that seeing a happy audience will eventually boost your confidence.

Step 5: Do not give up: As practice makes the man perfect, so keep trying and working harder for delivering a better performance. Moreover, repeated public speaking will ultimately bring out the great speaker residing within.

The success or failure of any presentation depends a lot on how you prepare and eventually deliver. So instead of getting nervous, just give it your best shot.