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SIPOC PowerPoint Template for Six Sigma

SIPOC PowerPoint Template for Six Sigma
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This is a free six sigma template for PowerPoint with a SIPOC template that you can use to make awesome lean and six sigma PowerPoint presentations. SIPOC Diagram with colors is a free PowerPoint template that you can download for free to make attractive Six Sigma presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Six Sigma SIPOC PowerPoint Template

You can download this free six sigma tool and SIPOC example for SIPOC Analysis and

Download free SIPOC template for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 including with a process mapping design and many different SIPOC diagrams that you can customize using shapes and styles. Also you can combine this template presentation with other tools and software including Microsoft Visio and print the SIPOC diagram as a PDF template.

sipoc template

As you can see, the SIPOC diagram with a process mapping illustration includes shapes in different colors for the elements including Suppliers, Input, Process, Outputs, Customers and Requirements. Then you can also detail the sub categories including Raw materials, sources, manufacturers, suppliers as well as man power under Inputs, resources, equipment and product, timely deliver, increased quality. You can also add information about the customer segmentation for example targeting young people, students, service holders and then under requirements customer satisfaction, expected quality, reduced backlog.

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