The term business itself speaks of fierce competition, powerful marketing strategies, alliances, joint ventures, profits and probably everything else you could think of. With a view to expand your business, you need to be able to attract other businesses and grab profitable contracts.

And, for that you have to be really creative to think of new ideas and ways to present those ideas in the form of a finely organized business proposal before your prospective clients. But before heading further, one must pay heed to a few mistakes that lead to the downfall of most of the proposals. These can be anything inclusive of inability to add value with appropriate facts, poor logistics, a cut-and-paste concept that restricts the originality of a proposal, etc.

Writing An Overwhelming Business Proposal

Now that you know the pitfalls, it’s time you get acquainted with essential tips for writing a good business proposal to ensure a successful deal.


Clarity of Thought is Important

When presenting your business proposal, keep in mind that the audience has the least idea about what you are going to propose and it’s you who is going to walk them down the whole process. So, be clear with your words. Avoid using excessive verbiage, irrelevant jargons or run-on sentences that will only spoil the essence of your information.

Once again, be succinct, start your proposal with a clear, logical big picture and drill down deeper with time.

Don’t Oversell, But be Responsible Towards Readers

Undeniably, a proposal is a successful marketing tool but with obnoxious overstatements, your proposal may not sound as appealing. Moreover, it creates a doubt in the mind of readers as to whether or not the arguments you have made, are credible enough. So, instead of trying to befool your audience, make a sincere effort to support your thought process. It will be far more beneficial.

Use Graphics Diligently

Clearly, graphics create an impact because it becomes easier to relate with the view point of speaker. But overly adding unnecessary images and charts only shows lack of weightage in your opinion. Thus, it is highly recommended to be careful about the usage of any additional elements that you intend to incorporate in your proposal.


Don’t Stand There Like a Robot

You know why majority of proposals are rejected at first instance because the presenter fails to add the positive side of his/her personality. Therefore, it is suggested to add life to your proposal with your enthusiasm and interest, rather than going out there in front of your audience with a blank look.

Do remember that a single mistake and your project is blown. So, lend your best foot forward to ensure a proposal that your client just can’t say no to.