Being brought to use extensively in a variety of streams especially education and corporate, the interactive whiteboard has been getting a lot of attention for its on the spot problem-solving utility. There are a variety of applications and functionalities that have made it a known and recommended name for the presentation necessities.

conferencing white board powerpoint

When PowerPoint Presentations are integrated with whiteboard during web conferencing, the experience is not just improved but enhanced. Let’s have a look at the various applicability of whiteboard and compare how these are applicable during a PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. During a web meeting with the convention of a presentation slide viewer, broadcast and share the demonstration with all the participants. It allows several people to look at the same display, leading to active participation.
  2. One can save screenshots and also browse the web, which is helpful when you desire to elucidate further on a topic.
  3. You also get the added advantage of voice-overs and videos because it allows easy connection not only to software but also other components.
  4. You can save all the important points, queries or notes by selecting the displayed images or words.
  5. It makes the session more interactive, because the audience in this case are also participants.

Along with the above mentioned advantages there are a few drawbacks that one has to keep in mind when devising a PowerPoint Presentation for whiteboard:

  1. If you are uploading an already created PowerPoint Presentation to the whiteboard, be aware that some features, especially transitions will not be applicable.
  2. Try to create your presentation in a format that there are separate points for each bullet points, for better exhibition.
  3. Website links do not get converted, if they are mentioned in the presentation. Although you can access that through the ‘web tone’ option.

If you design your display keeping these points in mind there are no chances of, hindrances and obstructions in your arrangement.

Whiteboard eliminates the need to scribble, explain, note down and then clean the space. It is an advanced step that eases your demonstration, with the extra benefit of holding a conference allowing participators even from remote locations.

You can save your ideas, notes and concepts in its library and bring it to use for reference whenever required. This has certainly benefited many a sectors that required this kind of technology for their conferencing needs. If made use intelligently, this is a proficient tool for interaction and elucidation for all kind of communication.