What happens when one of the most revolutionary products that has an immense fan base, combines with one of the largest software manufacturers in the present day. Yes, there would definitely be a super explosion of awesomeness. This is what happens when Software giant Microsoft creates an application that helps in using their PowerPoint on an Apple iPad.

PowerPoint App for iPad

The application facilitates the usage of PowerPoint on iPad and comes by the name of Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad (By Microsoft Corporation). The application is like a breath of fresh air for users that have the love for Apple products but also want the utility of Microsoft.


powerpoint on ipad

There are also multiple other ways to go about viewing a PowerPoint presentations using an iPad and some of them are listed below.

Convert Slides To Images

This is a quick fix for viewing your PowerPoint presentation on the iPad. Since the iPad supports the image format .JPG so you can easily convert your slides to images using the ‘save as’ function. Once all your slides are converted to images you can transfer them and view them using your iPad

Presentation Sharing Sites

This is by far one of the most effective ways to view your presentation using an iPad or any other device for that matter. Simply upload your presentation to the sharing website like SlideOnline or authorSTREAM. Most of these websites are free to use and thus make it more than easy for you to view your presentation on the go.


Convert Your Presentation To PDF Format

It is always convenient to convert the presentation to a PDF file, since most devices including the iPad support the file format it becomes a piece of cake for the user to view the presentation on the iPad. The presentation can easily be converted using the PowerPoint 2013 or with the help of third party software like EasyPDF.

Convert Presentations To Video format

The iPad allows you to convert the files while you are transferring them to the device. You can select the desired video format and then view the slideshow in the form of a video that has been natively converted and thus runs beautifully. You can also make use of third party video compilers and then easily upload videos to YouTube to enable easy access to the file anytime you want.