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Presefy: Broadcast Your Presentation To Global Audience Via The Cloud

It often happens that people aren’t able to physically attend a presentation. A few ways of overcoming this problem is to share a video presentation using services like PresentationTube, Present.me and SilkSlides. But what if you could share your presentations remotely via the internet? Presefy is a web service which enables presenters to upload and […]

EWC Presenter: Create HTML5 Based Banners And Presentations Online

Easy Web Content Presenter (EWC Presenter) is an HTML5 based web app for creating banners, Interactive Infographics, animations, web presentations and demos. No need to use complicated desktop applications for creating an attracting advertisement for social media marketing, as EWC provides an all in one solution for easily making rich HTML5 based content from the […]

Appafolio: Create Interactive Presentations Using Android or iOS

Appafolio is a web service and a cross platform mobile app for Android and iOS devices for creating interactive presentations, portfolios, brochures and catalogs. Moreover, Appafolio also has a separate version for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. One of the biggest benefits of using this app is that you can easily creating professionally looking content without […]

Record, Upload And Share Presentations Online With PresentationTube

PresentationTube is a web service for instantly uploading and sharing your video presentations. It also provides a Windows application for creating screencasts with your PowerPoint slides to create comprehensive presentations for online sharing. PresentationTube has been designed specifically for e-learning and professional use and is an ideal resource for  business professionals, teachers and students. This […]

Share Presentations Online To Engage in Discussions With SilkSlides

SilkSlides is a SlideOnline like web service which allows sharing PowerPoint and PDF slideshows as online presentations. SilkSlides requires no sign up and you can instantly share your presentations by uploading a file from a supported format and entering relevant information such as the name and description of the presentation, along with your email address. […]

Biteslide: Create Engaging School Projects And Presentations

Getting children to engage in a collaborative project can become quite easy with the help of online services. Once such service is Biteslide, which is both simple and feature rich enough to help students and teachers create PowerPoint like slides online with multimedia content. Biteslide provides a canvas that can be used to create presentations, […]

Search And Track Conferences In Your Area With Lanyrd

I still remember watching a webinar for the Windows Phone launching ceremony when Nokia’s Lumia phones were about to be released for the first time. However, I nearly forgot about the webinar until one of my co-workers reminded me. Every now and then there are several conferences that take place around the globe. These conferences […]

Present.me: Create Online Slides With Video Recording Of The Presenter

While there are many web services which make it possible to upload and share PowerPoint presentations online, many services do not allow adding a voice over or video recording. Present.me is a web service that not only enables users to upload their PowerPoint, Google Drive and PDF presentations online but also provides options to record […]

VoiceThread: Create And Share Presentations Online With Voice Over

VoiceThread is a web service which makes it possible to create and share presentations with a voice over. It is compatible with a wide range of devices as anyone with a browser can access the presentation via a shared URL. Moreover, VoiceThread also has apps for iOS devices, a Chrome extension and the content created […]

How to Create a PowerPoint Online using MS Office Web Apps

If you need to create a PowerPoint online and you don’t have MS Office, don’t worry. Microsoft has a new online version of PowerPoint available from SkyDrive and originally named Office Web Apps. The best of this news is that you can create PowerPoint presentations online for free. You don’t need the MS Office license […]