I still remember watching a webinar for the Windows Phone launching ceremony when Nokia’s Lumia phones were about to be released for the first time. However, I nearly forgot about the webinar until one of my co-workers reminded me. Every now and then there are several conferences that take place around the globe. These conferences range from product launches, advertisement campaigns for brands to awareness campaigns, educational conferences and the like. However, one can often be unaware of such conferences and can end up missing an important event, which may have great academic and professional value. Lanyrd is a web service which makes it possible for users to search nearby conferences and to track them.

Search Conferences in Your Area And From Around The Globe

Lanyrd compiles photos and other types of information about events and keeps it organized for its users. Lanyrd is not restricted to a specific geographical location and you can sign up for an account to search and track conferences from various parts of the world. This can be quite helpful in not only finding conferences which you may find worth attending but also to track conferences which may be available online through live streaming. For example, if you are willing to watch an event about the new Microsoft Office 2013 applications to learn about the latest features of PowerPoint 2013, then you can search for such events, track them and make sure that you are able to stream the event online or attend it in person.



Follow Topics To Find Conferences

You can start using Lanyrd by signing up for an account or use your Twitter or Linked in credentials to login. While your Dashboard will display a few conferences, it is best to follow a few relevant topics to begin getting alerts for conferences which may be of your interest.

Track Topics

Track Conferences That Interest You

Once you find a conference which may be of your interest, you can track the conference and also click “I’m attending this event” button. You can also see details about each conference from its respective page, such as the speakers and topic of the conference,  location of the conference, date on which the conference will be held, the number of people who have shown willingness to attend the conference, the website of the group or organization conducting the event and other related details.


Attend conference

Track Conferences Using Mobile Devices

Lanyrd also has apps for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, which can help you track conferences on your tablet or phone. Lanyrd also has a mobile web app which works across many types of mobile devices including, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Kindle Readers.

Lanyrd on iPhone

To make sure that you never miss an important conference again, head over to Lanyrd and sign up for an account.

Go to Lanyrd.com (Update 2015-08: Website was not working)