Getting lost in a book is like exploring a new world altogether. When reading a story you can often hide from all your worries and find a new parallel universe where you can live through adventures, explorations and mystery. Then there are journals, encyclopedias and other educational books which show us new frontiers of exploration and knowledge. The Animated Reading Exploration PowerPoint Template is an educational and book reading themed template with some nostalgic illustrations.

Nostalgic Book Themed Template

For those of us born before the era of e-books, this template brings a kind of nostalgic feeling of a time when books were not confined to LED screens. The template starts with the image of an individual reading a book, sitting on a book stack. This is accompanied by space for introducing your topic.



Black and White Themes

There are two themes offered within this educational template, i.e. a white and black theme. There are a total of 7 slides available with each theme. Both themes are quite elegant and contain the same kind of slides, with blue text and book stack illustrations.


Exploration Inspired Slides

It seems that the theme is not just limited to the depiction of books as a central theme, as the stars tied to the slide headings give a symbolic sense of exploration. This is considering that the sky has always been an inspirational theme for writers to talk about exploring new frontiers.



Customize Sample Slides

The objects in this template can be moved around to customize the given sample layouts. You can also remove objects according to need to make way for your own clipart, charts and diagrams.


This widescreen exploration PowerPoint template can be great for school presentations or class lectures, as well as for presentations where you might be looking to inspire your audience with a sense of exploring new ideas and seeking knowledge.

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