A piggy bank represents the first savings account that every child has. Different cultures have different names for such coin containers. While most are made of plastic, some in eastern cultures are made from clay. When presenting matters related to finance, banking, marketing or other business and money related presentation topics, a piggy bank can be a good theme to go with.

Comprehensive Financial PowerPoint Template with Animations

The template we are going to review in this post is an animated financial PowerPoint template which provides three sets of animated slides. With more than three dozen editable PowerPoint slides, you get the scope for making financial presentation slides with a touch of creativity and style.


Piggy bank financial template for PowerPoint

Depict Financial Information Using Puzzle Pieces Animation

The first few slides in this template depict a piggy bank in the form of puzzle pieces. These pieces join together in the form of an animation upon mouse click. The initial slide makes up a piggy bank with two puzzle pieces, followed by a slide with a three piece piggy bank and so on. There are 9 sample slides of this kind and the puzzle pieces increase as you proceed with this animations sequence.

Puzzle piece animation

To create presentation slides, just label the textboxes and insert your own charts, images and tables according to need. All content that you add will appear in animated form in Slide Show mode.


Animated piggy bank slide

Present Financial Information Using Piggy Bank List Animation

The second animation set in this template provides bulleted lists connected as textboxes with a piggy bank. You can create lists from two to ten using the sample slides.

List animation with piggy bank

The list starts with two placeholders, which increase to three, four, five up to ten list points as the slides progress.


List slide with piggy bank

Use Colored Puzzle Pieces & Bulleted Lists for Presenting Financial Data

This is similar to the first and second animation sets, with a minor change. The puzzle pieces and bulleted lists are colored and you can also recolor them in PowerPoint according to need. The sequence comes divided in two parts, one with colored puzzle pieces and the other with colored bulleted lists.

Colored piggy bank slide

You can make use of this piggy bank animation sequence to highlight different aspects of a topic using various colors. This animation sequence can be particularly handy for making infographics.

Colored piggy bank animation

You can download this animated financial PowerPoint template and also preview the presentation slides from the Presenter media link given below. A version of this template is also available for Keynote users.

Go to Presenter Media – Piggy Bank Animated Financial PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Piggy Bank Animated Financial PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)