In the wake of the spread of COVID-19, the motto has been stay home, stay safe. You can incorporate this concept in your PowerPoint presentations with the help of our pick for the Stay Safe Animated COVID-19 Clipart for PowerPoint.

Man Mask Walking in Bubble Animated Clipart

There has been a lot of discussion regarding social distancing and conducting international tournaments in bio-bubbles. This clipart depicts a man walking in a bubble, wearing a mask. This is symbolic of a bio-bubble and can be incorporated in presentations to discuss COVID-19.


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Man wearing mask COVID-19 animated clipart

Corona Between Teacher Student Animated Clipart

This animated clipart shows how students and teachers have been affected due to the Coronavirus coming between teachers and students learning in brick and mortar schools. The animation depicts a teacher trying to teach a student amidst the Coronavirus disruption.

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Corona between teacher and student

Corona Behind Student Animated Clipart

This animation shows Coronavirus bothering a student trying to study. The animation can help explain an important topic of resuming schools amidst decline in infection rates in some countries or to discuss the disruption caused to students due to COVID-19.

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Corona behind student animated clipart

House Giant Virus Animated Clipart

Staying home and trying to stay safe from COVID-19 has been a challenge for people around the world. Even homes aren’t necessarily safe, especially if a single member of the family gets infected. This conundrum can be explained using the symbolic clipart animation.

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Giant Coronavirus animated clipart

The above mentioned clipart can be downloaded for use in PowerPoint as a GIF animation, SWF file or in video format. Other than our animated collection for COVID-19 clipart, you might also be interested in our pick for the Coronavirus Clipart for PowerPoint. You can also download more COVID-19 clipart from the link below.