In the wake of the global spread of Covid-19 aka the Novel Coronavirus, it is essential to take measures to raise awareness regarding social distancing, disinfecting surfaces and other preventive measures such as frequently washing hands and avoiding contact with face, especially eyes, mouth and nose. The Coronavirus Clipart for PowerPoint listed in this post can help you create slides for raising awareness regarding the preventive measures to avoid spreading Covid-19.

Man Shield Virus Clipart for PowerPoint

This clipart for PowerPoint shows a man holding a shield against a Coronavirus spore. You can also edit to change the colors of the clipart and download it in JPEG or PNG format. The clipart can be handy for making presentation slides regarding Coronavirus awareness.


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virus prevention clipart for powerpoint

Woman Shield Virus Clipart

Woman shield virus clipart is a customizable clipart which is a variant of the above Coronavirus clipart with a female figure. Like the image above, this image shows a figure protecting itself from a Coronavirus spore with a shield.

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virus prevention clipart

Coronavirus Spores Clipart

This is a Coronavirus clipart of spores floating in the air. This clipart can be customized to change the color, brightness, shadow, reflection, image size or saturation. You can use this image of spores to raise awareness regarding the spread of the virus and how it can be stopped by self quarantine, social distancing and work from home initiatives.

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virus spores clipart


Coronavirus on Laptop Clipart

Since there has been much discussion recently regarding how long the Coronavirus can last on surfaces, this image can be a good reminder to disinfect frequently used surfaces to avoid Coronavirus transmission. This clipart shows virus spores on a laptop, indicating the need for disinfecting surfaces and frequently washing hands.

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virus spores on laptop clipart

Coronavirus Not Allowed Clipart

This is a clipart which can help in encouraging people to beat Coronavirus by following required preventive measures. The image can be great for not only raising awareness regarding Covid-19 but also to encourage people to participate in defeating the disease by following WHO guidelines for defeating the spread of the virus.

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virus not allowed clipart for powerpoint


Emoji Face Mask Clipart

While there has been much discussion regarding the need or the lack of it for the face mask for preventing the spread of Covid-19, the face mask has become a symbol of the outbreak. this is why this emoji with a face mask can be perfect for representing the Coronavirus pandemic.

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emoji mask clipart for powerpoint

For downloading more Novel Coronavirus clipart and presentation templates, see the below link.