No matter how fluent you are in social settings, public speaking is one such phobia that many people share. When you are going up on stage to deliver a speech in front of large audience, it’s just not the words that ensure you a success, but the speaking style also has a main role to play. Anyone can give a Stage Speech, however, it’s rightly said that not everyone can deliver an effective speech. Thus, if you are planning to give a Stage Speech, then prepare yourself to deal with an unexpected and expected things.

On the other hand, when it comes to talk about Presentation Speeches, well it’s mainly related to the introduction of your talk. Likewise, what you are going to say, how you are going to present and what are the techniques you are going to follow during the Presentation. You must give a brief idea to your audience what you are going to convey and this will certainly allow you grabbing the listener’s attention as well.

Stage Speeches vs Presentation Speeches

In order to convey the necessary information to your audience, it’s important for you to understand the difference between the above mentioned terms that are two very different things. Before you proceed further, take a look at some points that shows distinction between them:


In a presentation, presenter can create a PowerPoint Presentation to displays statistics and facts. Not just this, he/she might give the audience handouts to discuss or read. In a stage speech the speaker relies on his overall emotions and facial expressions to make a point. Slide shows containing graphs and charts are not used in speeches.


Presentations are mainly applicable to only a small group of people and the audiences for Presentation Speeches are typically much smaller. The audience present for a speech tends to be very large and the topic generally interests a lot of people.


No doubt, the presentation covers only specific topics. For example:  a Sales Manager presents the sales figures of each month, at the end of year. On the other hand, a Speech covers the broad area of study and provides full fledged information to the listeners.


In Speech, a person is more formally dressed and carefully do the planning of each detail of his outfit. Whereas, a presenter simply notes a few talking points to discuss and usually dress the same way that he does for the work.

Prior to prepare yourself for a Presentation or speech, don’t forget to give consideration on your presentation style as it matters a lot. At the end, thank you your audience for listening to your talk.