To add something unique to your presentation slides, you can slide things into perspective! The Sliding Panels Animated PowerPoint Template contains layouts which reveal your added text in the form of sliding panels. These slides can be used for making all kinds of slides, ranging from text-heavy content slides to infographics, comparisons, diagrams, etc.


Sliding Panels Animated Effect

The sample slides present sliding panels which you can customize with your own text in the given placeholders. You can also add images and recolor the panels according to need. Once run as a slideshow, these panels will reveal your content in the form of animated panels sliding in view. This can help make your slides more attractive.

Create Process Diagrams & Business Models

With the given sample content, you can even create process diagrams and display business models. The slides are customizable enough for you to be able to edit the most basic slide elements. Therefore, you can recolor, resize, adjust, and rearrange slide objects to create custom slides. However, if you’re looking to save time, you can also use the available animated slides with minor adjustments.


Infographic Slide Layouts

Different sample slides are also suitable for making infographics. There are also sample icons to help you create infographics and custom diagrams. You can also replace the icons to add images suitable to your topic.

Comprehensive Icons Library

There is also a complete collection of icons that you can use for making custom slides. This icons library is available in the form of three slides with unique icons. The icons are customizable and you can recolor, adjust and freely resize them.

If you’re looking for more animated templates based on various topics, see our reviews for Animated PowerPoint Templates. The Sliding Panels Animated PowerPoint Template can be downloaded via Presenter Media from the links given below.

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